Automated testing

Release 0.2 is finished and I started working on release 0.3. I will push the resulting code to GitLab so it will be available to anyone interested.
Release 0.3 will focus on refactoring the current application. Part of the refactoring will be the use of interfaces. Not the interface-parts of the units but interfaces for the objects. These interfaces will help in making the objects more loosely-coupled but also be a great help in automatically testing the code.
Free Pascal supports unit testing but it does not support mocking objects. There is a mock-tool but it is pretty old and not supported anymore. As an alternative, I will use Fake objects; in short, ‘Fakes’. A Fake implements the same interface as the original object but gives hardcoded answers instead of the real thing. If you write a unit test for an object that uses the results from another object, which again will have its own dependencies, you might end up testing a whole range of objects instead of the single object. That is where Fakes come in. They replace the objects that are not tested in the current unit test and make it possible to test just one class per unit test.

After I finished the code of release 0.3 you will be able to check the code, including the Fakes, yourself.