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In august 2018 I decided to develop Enigma in Free Pascal. The main reason was that Oracle terminated the support for JavaFX. A company called Gluon would support it as an open source project, but I did not believe that JavaFX would last. Swing and SWT were no alternatives for me and using a web-interface in a native application had severe drawbacks.
I made some comparisons and Free Pascal was the clear winner. It was object oriented, open source and had an exceptional good way of handling the user interface. I knew the language from previous experiences, though that was some 15 years ago.
So I happily started coding. At first everything went well but as the application grew I experienced some stumble-blocks. The editor, with the beautiful name Lazarus, was good but it paled in comparison to intelliJ, the Java editor I was used to. Unit testing was possible but it missed some essential techniques, like mocking and calculating the test-coverage. And the way the source was handled, in units, files with mancy classes, was cumbersome. OK, I could have created small units but then I would have had problems defining the imports. I expect to be using at least 1000 classes after some further development, so this became a problem.
I found myself coding less and less because it was not so much fun anymore.
At the end of december 2019 the first version of Enigma was almost ready. It could calculate and draw a chart, work with configurations and used a database to store the essential information.
But I strongly felt the need for an alternative.
So I made a new comparison. Then I found that JavaFX was not dead. This was a big surprise for me. I expected it to slowly die after Oracle pulled the plug, but the open source community decided differently. JavaFX is alive and kicking and the support by Gluon works very well. Several new releases have been published while I was working with Free Pascal.
So I decided to return to Java. I was delighted with the efficiency of intelliJ and started coding. About 11 weeks later I almost completely rebuilt the codebase as writtin in Free Pascal. I am sure that future development will be fast as I’m using the perfect tools ├ánd coding is again fun for me.
I expect to have a first (beta) version, which will be 2020.1, available in May this year.
A new sourceset will then be posted at GitHub.

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