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  1. Hi. I am a C# and Visual Basic programer. And Astrologer too. I made my first astrological program for DOS in QuickBasic 4.5, but with icons, mouse, graphical chart, etc. This program has the particularity that can process many charts at the same time, to make a statistical study. For example, it can process 20 charts from presidents, and than study how many of the presidents have the Sun in the 10th House , or Pluto in the in the 10th, or the Sun in Leo, etc, etc.
    Also in a particular chart, you can make a progressation for 10 years or so, and found when the sun will be in cuadrature by progression with saturn, without making calculations.
    Than I made , like you, an astrological program but in Visual Basic 6 with the Swiss libraries.
    At this time , I made a program only for eclipses, based on these libraries, in Visual Basic too, but in Visual Studio 2019.
    I wish you much success with your new program, I now you will get it.
    Excuse my english, I am from Uruguay, but now I´m living in brazil, near the uruguayan frontier.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Juan,
      Thanks for your reply and success with your own software.
      Best regards, Jan

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