Dedicated Enigma modules

Enigma will support dedicated modules: programs to handle a specific research project but also usable for other projects. The code from the dedicated modules will often, but not always,  be added to the Enigma main program.

The first dedicated module is Enigma DedVM.  It supports a project by dutch researcher Vivian Muller into the astrological aspects of suicide.

You can download the compiled program and a user manual at The source code is available at GitHub.

2 thoughts on “Dedicated Enigma modules”

  1. hi,

    thx for sharing, appreciated, love the idea, i myself am trying to predict values of financial instruments with astrology, and had pretty similar idea as you do – have a basic astrology app, then add modules for research; i am also interested in earthquake and weather predictions …

    i wonder if you will be making financial trading module, for analyzing astro impact on financial instruments (i.e. forex-eur usd (euro vs us dollar), or gold, bitcoin, sugar, cotton etc.), like:
    – import and draw historical price on trading (calendar) chart (*.csv is common file format for such data, timeframe could be daily or hourly, or minutely for microscopic analysis, lol)
    – with some i.e. vertical line, select a top (high price) or bottom (low price), and read/save date and time of the event, from position of vertical line
    – draw an astrological chart for saved top/bottom/vertical line date & time

    as regards jyotisa (jyotish, vedic astrology in misleading, there is close to zero mention of astrology in vedas, indian astrology or jyotish would be more proper naming), galactic center ayanamsa is getting quite popular, and it makes sense (moon rotates around earth, earth rotates around sun, sun rotates around galactic center), while lahiri is arbitrary selected, and also corrected at some point in time… the rest of ayanamsas seem to have unknown and undocumented source/selection base.

    best wishes,

    have fun,

    s love nia

    ps: love the font of documentation pdf file, which one is it ? text, not titles.

    1. Hi Aum Rhen,
      Thanks for your reply and sorry for my response being so late. I created the documentation in MarkDown format using Typora. I do not know the font, it is the only font Typora supports.


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