Version 0.5 published (only source)

Version 0.5 of Enigma contains the handling of glyphs and a graphical chart drawing. I just uploaded the source to GitLab, you can check it at

This version is only for programmers. Starting with version 0.6 Enigma will be available as a compiled package for the interested public at large.

Please check the documentation for some specific requirements for your development environment.

Source for version 0.4 (database access) available

The new Engima release 0.4 is about databases. It creates a new SQLite database and populates it. This is currently only supported from unit tests, but several preparations have been made to access the data in the application itself.  You can download it from .

Additionally, several tests are now based on Fakes. The number of tests is now about 200.

An updated version of the technical documentation is also available.


Source code available

Release 0.3 of Enigma is available as source from GitLab. You can download it from . The current version handles the calculation of the most important celestial objects and of Placidus houses. Much more to do, but it is a start.

I did not implement the tests based on fakes as I described in my previous post. It added too much boilerplate code. But I do need a decent test coverage. Possibly I will use integration tests for the more complex objects. In the current version, you already find 70 unit tests for the more basic tests. A first version of the technical documentation is available for download